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Eaves Comb Filler

The Eaves Comb Filler (Bird Comb) creates a barrier against birds and large insects. It prevents them entering the void between the underside of Profiled Tiles and the underlay on pitched roofs.

SIZE – 1000mm long, 55mm deep

MATERIAL – Low density polyethylene

PACK SIZE – 300 per box (supplied in split pack of 100)

BENEFITS – Convenient 1mtr lengths, quick & easy to fit

Injection moulded from high quality, low density polyethylene. Its flexibility prevents any alignment problems. Manufactured in 1.0mtr strips, which is effective, quick and easy to fit. Durable and totally resistant to decay.

Installation – Fit on top of the fascia ventilator before the tiles are laid, secure with clout nails. The comb must angle outwards away from the roof. Bed the bottom row of tiles on to the comb.

A further development of eaves protection comes in the form of the innovative ‘one-piece’ eaves protector combined with an integrated over fascia ventilator and bird comb.

The ‘one-fix’ system is provided by an upstand on the underside of the eaves protector, which sits on the top edge of the fascia board, which is supplied with either a 10mm or 25mm continuous vent. Known as a ‘2 in 1’ System, used with Flat Tiles and Slates.

The provision of a fixed bird comb creates an effective barrier against birds and large insects, which is known as a ‘3 in 1’ System, used with all Profiled tiles.

2 in 1 Eaves Vent System

3 in 1 Eaves Vent System

Installation: New Build – The OVEP is located onto the top of the fascia board, ensuring the stop beads, below the vent, are rested against the front face of the fascia board. When using a slate or flat tile, where a comb filler is not required, the OVEP is fitted using a minimum 50mm corrosion resistant fixing through the nail/screw ports, ensuring both ends are securely fixed. Locate the OVEP onto the interlocking section of the previous board, fixing in place. Continue this process along the whole length of the eaves.

Installation: Existing/Retro Fit For refurbishment work, the installation is very similar. Remove or lift the eaves course and make good any damage to the rafters and underlay. The OVEP is fitted in place as above, and the existing underlay relayed on the OVEP. The tiles or slates are the replaced.

SIZE – 1000mm long x 200mm cover width

MATERIAL – UV stable polypropylene, 100% re-processed

PACK SIZE – ‘2 in 1’ – 40 per box: ‘3 in 1’ – 20 per box

REGULATIONS – NHBC requirements: Complies with BS5250: 2016

BENEFITS Combined Vent and Felt Support Tray, Strong, Durable,

15 year guarantee, Suitable between 15 & 70 deg. pitch

3 in 1 Eaves Vent System

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