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Handling, Storage, Transportation

CCW MAY.2014 046


The finished products as supplied are of an inert nature and inherently non-hazardous to health. The individual items are generally heavy and many are so shaped that they can roll easily. Correct handling and stacking procedures as given below must be employed.


The products are composed of plastic materials possibly admixtures.

Handling/Use Precautions

The weight and surface nature of the products requires the use of protective gloves and footwear to avoid injuries.

The manual handling of such loads may cause an injury should be avoided.

Good slinging and lifting practices should always be used and the following points observed:

  • Products must not be rolled off vehicles or around sites.
  • Use correct craneage for offloading vehicles. Properly constructed ‘C’ hooks with spreader bar or canvas/fabric slings with a central lift are recommended.
  • Where lifting points are provided, all the lifting points must be used.
  • Where lifting points are not provided, then suitable slings (canvas/fabric) should be used around the product and never through it. Correct craneage must always be utilised.
  • Care should be taken when breaking down product stacks either on the delivery vehicle or on site.
  • When cutting or surface treating products by hand or machine, dust and flying fragments may be created. In such circumstances, respiratory protective equipment should be worn. Suitable eye protection should be worn to protect against dust and/or flying fragments.
  • Provide Trench Supports where necessary.

Ensure compliance which the Health Safety and Welfare at Work Act 2005.

Handling, storage and transportation shall be in accordance with National Health and Safety Guidelines.

When long-term storage is envisaged, Condron Twinwall perforated and unperforated pipes and couplers should be protected from direct sunlight.

If protection cannot be provided, consideration must be given to the effects of daily exposure to direct sunlight:

  • Up to 3 months — negligible UV degradation but possible extreme surface temperatures of up to 80°C may cause some localised distortion
  • 3 months to 12 months — may have significant effect on the impact resistance and physical properties
  • Over 12 months — damage may occur unless protection provided.

The manufacturer has the option of adding chemicals to provide enhanced UV stability on request.

The Pipes are generally delivered in pre-packed bundles and should be retained in their packaging until installation.

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