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Condron Concrete Slate Tile



Size 420mm X 330mm
Pitch 22 1/2° minimum
Headlap 100mm
Gauge maximum 320mm
Covering Capacity at 320mm Gauge 10.5 Tiles per m2
Surface Smooth or Mock Line
Weight (approx) per 1,000 tiles 5 tonnes
Batten size for rafters not exceeding 450mm c/c 44mm X 35mm
Batten size for rafters not exceeding 600mm c/c 44mm X 35mm
Tiles Standard Slate Tile, Half Slate Tile.
Eaves Standard Slate Tile.
Ridge Universal Angle Ridge, High Pitch Angle Ventilated Ridge, Dry-Fix Ridge, Ventilated Dry Ridge, Ornamental Ridge, Universal Ornamental Shamrock Angle Ridge, High Pitch Ornamental Shamrock Angle Ridge, Universal Cocks Comb Ornamental Angle Ridge, High Pitch Cocks Comb Ornamental Angle Ridge Mono Ridge Tiles.
End Ridge Universal Angle Ridge, High Pitch Angle Ridge, Ornamental Ridge.
Hip Universal Angle Ridge and High Pitch Angle Ridge, Dry Hip.
Verge Verge Tile Left and Right, Verge Half Tile Left and Right, Dry Verge Uni Click, Continuous Dry Verge, Mortar Bedded Verge.
Valley Dry Valley, GRP Dry Valley, Mortar Bedded Valley.
Ventilation Dry Ventilated Ridge, Over Fascia Ventilation, Eaves Comb Filler, Roll Out Rafter Trays, Underlay Protector, Quick-Flex Connector, Multi Adapter

LV75 Vent Tile, LV200 Vent Tile, IV100 Inline Vent Tile

Solar Solar Tube Tile 1 Pipe & 2 Pipe.
Colours Black, Grey, Brown, New Brown, Red, Marigold, Terracotta, Brown Streaky, Red Streaky, Marigold Streaky and Terracotta Streaky.
Nails 50mm X 9g A/Alloy
Clips Batten Clips, Eaves Clips, Verge Clips, Hip Clips
Bedding Coloured Pigments as required.


Ridge Tiles and Accessories

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NOTE: Reference should be made to Code of Practice for Slating and Tiling, S.R. 82:2017, BS 5534:2014+A2: 2018 and any new code of practices in the future. Condron Concrete Roof Tiles are manufactured in compliance with E.N. 490:2011+A1: 2017 Concrete Roofing Tiles & Fittings.

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