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Condron Headwall

Large Condron Headwall

Medium Condron Headwall

Headwall Galvanised Grates available upon request to Irish Water Specification

XL T1 Condron Headwall

XXL T1 Condron Headwall

Condron XXL T1 Headwall Produced for up to 2550mm Ope
Double Opes also available on request.

Condron Headwalls are available in the following sizes:

Ope Diameter (OD) mm Pipe (ID) mm Medium headwall opes: 1185x1760x1055 high Large headwall opes: 2151x2940x1600 high
200 150
315 225
385 300
475 375
620 450
825 600
1010 750
1150 900
Ope Diameter (OD) mm Pipe (ID) mm XL Headwall opes XXL Headwall opes
1350 1050
1500 1200
1700 1350
1820 1500
2250 1800
2565 2100

Medium Headwall S.W.L. 1300KG
Large Headwall S.W.L. 4250KG
XL Headwall S.W.L 5500KG x 2 Part
XXL Headwall S.W.L 8250KG x 2 Part
Min Cover to Reinforcement 45mm
Exposure Class XC4
Concrete Strength 45N (C35/45)
Structural Calcs available on request

Installation Guidelines:

This is typical installation guideline ONLY and must be confirmed by Site Engineers for suitability.

  1. Excavate to formation level of Headwall location.
  2. Details of the sub-base layer to be confirmed based on site conditions.
  3. Compact Minimum 350mm bed of 50mm clean drainage stone or similar free drainage aggregate to minimum 50kn/m2 Bearing capacity.
  4. Cast in Threaded Lifting sockets are supplied with certified lifting Loops which require suitable certified 3way chains/sling and crainage.
  5. Stand clear during lifting and follow safety guidelines and onsite risk assessment.
  6. Position the Headwall onto the bedded surface.
  7. Install the headwall onto the end pipe of the pipeline.
  8. Using approved grout fill in the void between headwall and the pipe.
  9. Apply 300mm of 50mm clean drainage stone or similar free drainage aggregate around the Headwall.
  10. Backfill to the required level and approved angle of the embankment.

Headwall with Concrete Pipe

XXL Headwall Installation

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