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Dry Verge System – Uni-Click

Designed to provide a mortar – free and secure method of fixing concrete interlocking verge tiles. It’s neat interlocking design provides a consistent appearance that requires no maintenance.

Product features & benefits

  • Mortar free
  • All weather fixing
  • Secure mechanical fixing avoids wind uplift problems
  • Quick and easy to fit – no special tools required
  • Available in 4 colours to blend in with roof tiles
  • Neat attractive appearance
  • Weatherproof and maintenance free
  • Unaffected by settlement or differential movement
  • UV stable
  • Prevents entry of birds and large insects

Area of application

Suitable for:

  • Refurbishment or new build on roofs from 12.5° to 90°
  • Most makes and profiles of concrete interlocking tiles between 260-350mm batten gauge


  • Dry Verge unit – UPVC
  • Eaves Closure – polypropylene
  • Ridge Closure – polypropylene
  • Ridge End Cap – polypropylene
  • Batten End Clip – stainless steel


Brown, Slate grey, Terracotta, Black


403mm long x 148mm wide x 56mm deep

The new click-system

Installation Extend the tiling battens 20mm beyond the gable wall or bargeboard and nail a Batten End Clip to the end of every batten. Fix the Eaves Closure to the end of the fascia board or brickwork. Slide the first Uni-Click® Dry Verge unit over the Eaves Closure and the bottom tile. Nail into the tiling batten through the Batten End Clip.

As each successive verge tile is laid, engage a Uni-Click® Dry Verge unit with the one below on the underside of the unit and then click it over the top of the unit below and then slide it up into position nailing through the Batten End Clip into the batten. Insert a Ridge Closure into the last unit, interlocking the combs of each Uni-Click® Dry Verge unit at the apex. Screw fix the Ridge End Cap to the ridge batten.

When installing onto an existing verge the old mortar between the tiles and the undercloak must be removed prior to the verge units being fitted. The tile battens must overhang the gable wall or bargeboard by 20mm and a Batten End Clip nailed to each batten.

If a Batten End Clip is not being used we recommend that the batten is extended 30mm over the barge board or brickwork and 40mm (minimum) x 3.25mm ring shank nails are used to fix the verge units. Prior to fixing the batten ends must be in good condition with no signs of decay.

Product codes

Dry Verge Unit left hand

Black KR9765-0450

Brown KR9765-0247

Slate Grey KR9765-0429

Terracotta KR9765-0152

Eaves Ridge Closure

Black KR973376

Brown KR973336

Slate Grey KR973330

Terracotta KR973334

Universal Angle Ridge End Caps

Black KR977376

Brown KR977336

Slate Grey KR977330

Terracotta KR977334


Dry Verge Units

10 units per pack – 5 packs per carton

Ridge End Pack

2 Ridge End Caps and 4 screws – 10 packs per carton

Weight (per carton)



Dry Verge Unit right hand

Black KR9770-0450

Brown KR9770-0247

Slate Grey KR9770-0429

Terracotta KR9770-0152

Half Round Ridge End Caps

Black KR977276

Brown KR977236

Slate Grey KR977230

Terracotta KR977234

Half Round Ridge End Caps

Black KR977276

Brown KR977236

Slate Grey KR977230

Terracotta KR977234


Eaves Ridge Pack

2 Ridge Closures, 2 Eaves Closures and nails – 20 packs per carton

Batten End Clips

50 clips per pack – 10 packs


Complies fully with all relevant British Standards

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The Uni-Click® Dry Verge system may be used in conjunction with a wet or dry ridge system of your choice.

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