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Bends and Backdrops

S & S Bend 45

S & S Bend (45)


Bends are produced in any angle at request.

Larger diameter bends can be made.

Bends are manufactured for both Ogee and S&S joints and are so designed as to include 100mm straight section on both spigot and socket ends, so as to improve the hydraulic characteristics of the bend.

Permissible angles under I.S.6: as follows Table 6
Nominal Size mm Permissible Angle
150 90°, 45°, 22½°
225 90°, 45°
300, 375, 450, 525, 600 45°

Minimum Invert-to-Invert Backdrops
Pipe Diameter mm Drop Size T +2 x 45º Bends (min)
225mm Ø 225mm 725mm
300 to 450mm Ø 300mm 800mm
300 to 450mm Ø 375mm 1180mm
525 to 675mm Ø 450mm 1180mm
525 to 675mm Ø 525mm 1380mm
750 to 900mm Ø 600mm 1500mm
Shallower inverts can be supplied by using a Y backdrop and a 45º bend.

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Backdrop Junction

Junctions and Bends are manufactured in accordance with I.S.6. They have the same wall thickness and internal diameters as the pipes with which they are to be used. Junctions are manufactured from components produced by the vertically cast process, but the whole of the branch, the main incorporating the branch, and bends, should be encased in a concrete surround designed to withstand external loads.

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Hydrant Box
Hydrant Box

Bends – Saddles Double Spigot – Gulley Cover Slab

Hydrant Box

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