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Catch Pits

Inlet / outlet size 225mm Ø 300mm Ø 375mm Ø
90° base
180° base
270° base
  • Inlet/outlet opes can vary to suit 225mm, 300mm and 375mm Condron Concrete S&S Pipes, Ogee Pipes or (proprietary) Twin Wall and P.V.C pipes.
  • Base Configurations can incorporate a third inlet/outlet ope and are available left or right handed.
  • Reinforced concrete base.
  • Extendable depths and standard manhole covers available.
  • Chamber Catch-pits can be supplied in 900mm or 1200mm Ø upon request.
  • Quick installation.
  • Catch-pit sections are manufactured and tested in accordance with I.S. 420 and I.S. EN 1917:2004
  • Steps available if required.
  • National Roads Authority (NRA) approved.
  • Catch Pits must be handled using a specialist grab and never lifted using slings through pipe opes or step rings.

“All Catchpit Units MUST be lifted with appropriate and Certified 3 way Lifting Chains and Clamps”

“Units must not be slung through opes”

S.W.L : Catchpit 900mm = 1.1T

S.W.L : Catchpit 900mm = 1.4T

S.W.L : Catchpit 900mm = 1.8T

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