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Concrete Pipes

OGEE pipes which are used mainly for Surface Water Drainage, Land Drainage etc. Diameters range from 150mm to 1200mm with perforated pipes available up to 600mm.

Specials of all products can be manufactured and supplied “to order”.

Ogee pipes are manufactured a metre long. S&S vary from 1.25 metres for 150mm and 225mm diameter, to 2 metres for 300mm diameter, and 2.5 metres for all other sizes.

All our pipes are manufactured and certified to relevant European (EN) and Irish (IS) Standards Specifications and are regularly inspected by officials from National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI). Daily routine Quality Control is also carried out by our own team of engineers to ensure that highest standards are maintained at all times.


All our products are manufactured using highest quality aggregates, which come from our own quarries and sand pits. Our batching and mixing procedures are fully computerised producing low water to cement ratio, high strength, concrete.


Reinforcement cages required for the Spigot & Socket pipes are produced from Cold Drawn High Tensile Steel on our automatic welding machines.

Condron Concrete Works Pipes

I.S.6: Concrete Sewer Pipe

This specification deals with the manufacture and properties of flexible jointed concrete pipes and fittings, either reinforced with steel or unreinforced, intended to be used for the conveyance of sewage, or sewage and surface water at atmospheric pressure. These test requirements may be found in I.S. 6: 2004 and are to be used in conjunction with ISEN 1916: 2004. These new Standards are also be available from NSAI.

Material Comparison

To assist in choosing between rigid and flexible pipes, consider the following:

Heights of chamber sections are as shown on the table.

The requirements of I.S.6 2004 and ISEN 1916 are such that the pipes are tested at the place of manufacture to ensure that they are adequate for the purpose intended.

The following tests are carried out in compliance with the Standard on a daily basis by our Quality Control Team and are audited regularly by N.S.A.I. to ensure full compliance with the current Standard.



Condron Concrete Works Pipes

Gauging of 1050mm Ø Pipe

Condron Concrete Works Pipes

In-house Material Testing

Condron Concrete Works Pipes

Production Quality Control

Condron Concrete Works Pipes

Quality Control Inspection

Condron Concrete Works Pipes

750mm ø I.S. 6 Pipe undergoing Hydrostatic Test

Condron Concrete Works Pipes

1200mm ø I.S. 6 Pipe undergoing Crush Test

Spigot and Socket Type Pipe


Spigot and Socket Type Pipe (S & S)

Rebated Type Pipe

Rebated Type Pipe

pipes-Ogee Pipes

Ogee Pipes

Ogee pipes are manufactured to I.S. 166: 1972 specification

Rebated Type Pipe

I.S. 6: 2004 is to be used in conjunction with ISEN 1916: These pipes can also be manufactured to customers’ own specification if so required. Rockers and Butt pipes are also available in 1-metre length in all sizes.

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Concrete Pipes